5 Extremely Interesting Facts And Rules Of Kentucky Child Support

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Even if you don’t have any knowledge of Kentucky child support, there is no problem. Here you will get to know every little detail about how parents support their children. In Kentucky, both of the parents should fulfil their responsibility of supporting their child but typically the non-custodial one makes payment. Child support is the monthly payment that parents pay to help in covering the cost of raising a child. Generally, the amount of child support depends on the income of each parent and the number of children who needs support. In Kentucky, this payment continues till the child becomes 18. Parents can divide the payment between themselves based on their income. The minimum amount for Kentucky child support is $60 per month. Generally, the amount of Kentucky child support is based on only income. And it can be affected by the total parenting time. Know many more interesting facts about Kentucky child support. 

Know Everything About Kentucky Child Support 

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In Kentucky, both parents have to fulfil their financial responsibility of supporting the child. And, there are many more important rules for the same. Continue reading to gain full knowledge. 

  • There is also an interactive website named Kentucky child support enforcement. Here you can apply for different child support services, upload court orders, report address changes, verify payment history, and estimating child support obligations. 
  • According to Kentucky child support rules, the order of making monthly payments end when the child turns 18,19 or pass high school. And, those who fail to pay the payments are considered as a criminal in Kentucky. For this crime, the court has the power to put you in jail.
  • If you want to modify or lower your child support payment, then you can file a motion. Motion is a kind of written request to modify child supports payment if there has been any material change in the circumstances. Generally, Kentucky recognizes an increase or decrease of 15% in the income of any parents as a material change.
  • In case either parent has remarried, then the income of both of them is considered as support in a modification action. The court always looks at the basic expenses and income of each parent while deciding whether a change to child support should be warranted. 
  • Kentucky child support covers all expenses of children like housing, food, clothes, extracurricular activities and other school costs. All type of parents such as who never had a relationship, never lived together, whether married or divorced, of a de facto relationship have to pay for Kentucky child support. 


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Every child in Kentucky can fight for himself if he is not provided what he deserves. Kentucky child support has fixed laws and everyone follows them. And, those who don’t follow can be put behind the bars by the court.

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