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toy set

Toys are a very important part of kids’ life and every parent would like to get the best toys for kids.

Kids play with different types of toys like building blocks, puzzles, construction sets, etc. If we talk about science and technology then Goliath Games has made this amazing toy set where kids can make their robot army by just funnily assembling these pieces.

Different themed pieces and lego-like blocks make this product very good for children.

So we can say that there is no limit to learning and exploring things by kids.

1. S Toys Set

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S Toys Set is one such company that has introduced a new way of learning and playing with robotics for kids. They have provided their service to more than 100 countries all over the world and now they are delivering it in India as well. Their toys are very good for kids so they can play and learn how a robot work.

2. Einstones

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Winstone’s is our next stop. They have many varieties of toys for different ages of kids. If we talk about 3-4 years old kids then they can play with building blocks and make a nice house out of them which gives a very happy moment to kids. You can find this type of product in Einstones.

3. Duplo

Duplo is the third company which I want to talk about, they mainly focus on teaching kids how things work by using different types of toys. They have introduced many new products in the market where you can use these blocks and cartoon figures to make something out of them or even use your imagination power to create a different world of your own.

Duplo has introduced many products but my favorite one is the Robo Dinos Set which uses a combination of colorful blocks and robotic dinosaurs to make a set of 7 Dino robots with 5 predators and 2 prey ones. It has been designed very nicely by keeping every kid’s need in mind along with their choices.

4. Mindstorm

Mindstorms is our next stop on this list, they are very popular for making scientific toys like robotics and others. They also provide many themed sets like Ninja turtles, Spiderman, etc which kids love to play with their friends or alone too. This toy set has different types of robotic animals where you can make each one of them move differently.

5. Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug is our last stop which provides kids with their dream toys, they have been serving the world for the past 25 years and now they are delivering their service to India as well. Their products include many types of toys like puzzles, construction sets, etc.

They also provide many themed toy sets like princess ship and others. I think the company is also popular for their wooden puzzles which are very good in making kids familiar with different shapes and colors.

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