Calculating Child Support in Texas

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Texas child support laws are some of the toughest in the nation. Under the provisions of the Texas Constitution and Civil Code, the state has what is called an exemption for certain specified situations. One of the situations that fall under this ambit of law is when the custodial parent has a mental disability. For purposes of the Texas child support, a mental disability is defined as a physical and or emotional impairment that significantly limits one or more of a child’s major life activities.

Child Support Is Based On The Parents Income

In addition to the mental aspects of this condition, Texas child support also recognizes circumstances where a parent may not care for their children. These situations include drug abuse, major illness, major accident, or child death. While Texas does not recognize every scenario where one of these scenarios may have occurred, it recognizes the vast majority of them. In instances where child support is ordered, the court orders child support based on the custodial parent’s income and the amount of child support paid if the child was living with them.

Child Support Is Also Ordered When Parents Are Financially Weak

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Another circumstance in which child support is ordered is when one or both parents have unreasonable financial difficulties. Again, in this instance, the court will take into consideration the income of both parents. If the custodial parent has a substantial income, they may be able to offset any hardships that come with being separated from their spouse. If the non-custodial parent’s income is substantially lower, they may need to seek to have this garnishment lifted.

It Can Be Also Ordered When The Parents Are Involved In The Child Custody Dispute

Texas child support is most often ordered by the court when both parents are involved in a child custody dispute. It is also frequently requested by the custodial parent when they have been awarded custody of the child or children. The non-custodial parent has refused to cooperate with the court’s efforts to provide the children with their needs. Also, in the event of a dissolution of the marriage, the court orders child support to help re-establish the family’s economic means.

You Can Consult With Accountants/Child Support Lawyer For Child Support Payment

You can work with your child support lawyer to establish a child support payment fair to you and your child. You can consult with an accountant or an attorney who deals with family law to create a more accurate calculation of your child support obligation. With the proper professional guidance, you can get the right child support calculations that reflect the unique financial circumstances of your situation. With this information, you can have the upper hand when it comes time to go to court and enforce a court order.

Final Thoughts

There are a variety of other factors that go into child support calculations. Each case, in particular, is going to be different. Some parents contribute less to their children than others. In addition, the ages of the children can have an impact on how much child support is ordered. Texas child support laws are designed to be fair to all of the children involved.

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