Child Development Milestones Parents Should Know

Child Development milestones are physical skills and cognitive abilities, and a child develops as they grow. Skills such as crawling, walking, an intentional first smile, and talking are considered as milestones; these milestones differ for different age ranges. Development milestones build gradually from simple skills and tasks to more complex ones. They are grouped into four categories, which are:

Child Development
Child Development

The Different Milestones Of Child Development

1. Physical Signs

These milestones are the ones used to test and refine fine motor skills and large motor skills. The considerable motor skills are, crawling, sitting up, standing, and walking. These motor skills are usually developed before fine motor skills. Excellent motor skills are the skills that involve the use of the fingers to grasp and pick up small objects.

2. Cognitive Milestones

This has to do with the child ability to solve simple problems, learn, and think. A child who has mastered the alphabet has used his/her cognitive skills. Equally, a child who has learned to understand his/her parent facial expression.

3. Social And Emotional Milestones

This aspect has to do with the way kids interact and play with others. It is important for children to learn about proper social behavior from an early age. It will enable them to build peaceful relations with other members of society when they grow up.

4. Language Milestone

This involves all modes of communication a child develops through. From when the child communicated non-verbally to when the child starts to speak intelligible words to learning the rules of the English language and more.

Five children are playing on the floor

How To Identify The Milestones

Development is not growth; growth has to do with the height and weight, while progress has to do with skills and mental abilities. Kids develop at different speeds, and there are different age ranges for the achievement of these developmental milestones. However, parents and guardians should take note of their kids and wards development and watch out for signs. These milestones are reached at different points by different kids, but if your child has passed a landmark and isn’t developing, consult your pediatrician.

Here are some milestones that your child should have achieved by the age of 12 months:

Movement Milestones

  • Sits without help
  • Crawls on belly using arms and knees for propulsion
  • Can sit and lie down on his/her own
  • Walks with support
  • Stands briefly without support
Four Child Playing

Milestones In Hand And Finger Skills

  • Uses strong grip
  • Learns to use two objects to create noise
  • Grasps and leaves objects voluntarily

Language Milestones

  • listens to speech more
  • Replies simple verbal requests
  • Nods head in response to a yes or no
  • Tries to imitate words

Cognitive Milestones

Explores objects by working on different things with them
Finds hidden objects easily
Imitates gestures
Begins to make use of objects correctly

Social And Emotional Milestones

  • Shy with strangers
  • Enjoys imitating people
  • Tests parental responses to his actions during feedings
  • Starts to understand that he can get what he wants when he cries, plus some attention too
  • May show fear in some situations
  • Prefers a close family member to other people

Extends arm or leg to help when being dressed With knowledge of the above, if you see any slow developmental stage in your child, and you think the development is delayed for child’s age, consult your pediatrician.

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