Child Support and Alimony – How Do They Tie Into Your Child Support Payment

child support tn

Child support tn is not only for mothers, although many people often see it this way. It applies to fathers, step-parents, unincorporated partners, joint parents and anyone else who pays child support in any way. This includes your spouse or any other person who at the same time receives or benefits from your child’s care, such as a guardian. The child support guidelines are all set out in child support laws and, as you will see when reading on, there is more than one way of calculating child support.

The Tax

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Did you know that your child support payments can be deducted from your income tax return? This is of course, unless you have already filed your return and have made all necessary corrections. However, it is a good idea to check with the IRS just to be sure. There are also other ways of calculating child support and they include the amount received by the non-custodial parent and the amount paid by the custodial parent. Many times the non-custodial parent may not even be in the picture.


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There are two main sources for child support paying in the United States – Federal and State governments. Each has their own rules and regulations covering how they go about child support paying. Federal child support guidelines are determined by the Federal government and can change year after year. For example, if a certain family situation changes, the government may reassess those guidelines and update them. Some states, like Rhode Island, have a more “one size fits all” approach to child support payment.

The Agreement

Once you have been assigned a child support payment, you must follow through according to your agreement. In some states support amounts can be stopped entirely while in others they can only be changed. If a change is made, you must notify your child support paying agency immediately. Failure to do so will mean a hefty fine. You should also always let the other parent know of any changes made regarding your child support payments.

Easy Claim

Along with child support, many parents need to work with non-custodial parents in order to work out child support or alimony or to reach an agreement for custody of a child or children. There are many non-custodial parents who may be trying to collect money from the custodial parent. It is important that child support and alimony payers (or the paying parents) agree on these terms before going into a court of law.

The process for child support tn is very complex. There are so many factors that can make child support calculations very difficult. For example, income level is one major factor considered when computing child support. The other two factors being age of the child, type of custody, amount of custody, visitation schedule, amount of support paid, amount of time spent with the child per week and state where the child resides. If these factors are all not the same then there is a mathematical formula used to determine the amount of child support to be paid.

Living Expenses

Many non-custodial parents have now decided to skip child support payments. But this is not really fair to the child because child support is an essential part of raising a child. The child support paying parent needs to make sure that he/she follows through with child support payments otherwise the custodial parent can take the child support money and use it for their own living expenses. This would defeat the purpose of child support.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you see the benefits of child support and alimony and how they tie into your child support paying situation. But there is more to learn about child support than what it actually says. Get informed and work towards a fair settlement for your child/children. If you do that, you will be a better mom/dad, be happier in your marriage and be able to provide your children with the stability they need.

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