Child Support Florida In 2021

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Children must get adequate support from their parents and ensure that Florida Child Support Law has given certain guidelines. Court, judges, and parents have to abide by these rules. The primary goal of child support is to provide children access to good education, health, and help in their overall development. In Florida, basic child support goes up to $74 for a child if the earnings of parents are around $650. However, there are prescribed methods for calculating the expected child support too. The calculation is affected by a variety of factors which you can understand more in the following pointers. 

Things That Are Included In Child Support

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The number one priority is the child’s wellbeing and that’s why many aspects go behind in what could be child support. Giving a decent standard of living is one of them. Secondly, there are elements like sufficient education where the cost for school fees, supplies, books, and so on are included in the child support. Child support covers medical expenditures, food, clothing, shopping, and even amounts for extracurricular and fun activities. It must be remembered that in the food, it’s not just limited to groceries. Hobbies and sports are also part of the child support. 

Deciding The Correct Sum Of Child Support

Firstly, child support is necessary to be calculated by the Judge as per the guidelines only. Child support takes parents’ financial status or total income into account in the calculation process. Plenty of aspects are also taken into account and these are mostly the basics to extra expenses. The court sees that a child’s requirements should be according to the parents’ salary. In some cases, one parent that earns more than the other one gets to pay for the child support. While in some situations, both parents pay child support and the state helps them. Although such scenarios scarcely happen. 

Possibility Of Deviating From Guidelines Of Florida Child Support

Judges can deviate from the given guidelines but on the condition that it should not be more than 5%. If they see it necessary then they are free to do so but going above 5% means a written explanation must be submitted. In the final stage, all is seen by the Florida Family Court who is responsible for the approval of child support. 


Since children are the responsibility of parents their needs are also the same too. Florida Child Support Law and Family Court work in the matter of child support. They want to give access to good education, health and help in the overall development. The law prescribes certain guidelines that the judges and parents are obliged to. In the above-mentioned article, you will find more about the child support system in Florida. The child should be free to do whatever he or she likes. That’s why child support includes the cost for hobbies, education, sports, clothing, food, and many more.

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