Collecting Child Support Payments From A Virginian Custody Agreement

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Child support is an agreement between a parent and court-ordered money to be paid to a custodial agency to assist with the expenses of raising a minor child. In Virginia, child support payments usually last for five years. However, they may continue beyond that period if the minor child is still in school and requires special health care.

How Do You Pay For Child Support?

Child support is based upon how much child care you can afford, the amount of time your partner has been able to spend with the children, and the average income of both parents. The payments are typically distributed between the parents monthly. In some states, the custodial parents pay the money. If you are paying for child support, you may not be able to deduct any medical expenses for yourself from your income taxes. Therefore, it is essential to seek advice from a tax professional.

If both the parents are employed, their combined child support payments are compared to the parent’s income, and a percentage is set aside as alimony. If neither parent is employed, they make arrangements to divide the money they receive between them. However, it is essential to remember that once the custodial parents have reached the age of majority, no provisions allow the parent to receive child support to receive money from the non-custodial parent, which may be instead of alimony.

What Is The Role Of Court In Child Support?

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Child support can be applied to all children, and the court always awards it to one party over the other. Custodial parents are required to submit to the court and submit to the court’s approval of the schedule of child support payments. This schedule will be agreed to by both parties. Parents who wish to work towards amending the arrangement can do so before the court hearing. At the hearing, the court will hear arguments and evidence relating to the amount of child support payments, the number of children, and other factors.

How Can Custodial Parents Collect Child Support Payments?

There are several ways that a custodial parent can collect child support payments. They can pay the children directly out of their own or other funds, order the custodial parent to contribute towards daycare costs for the children, or apply for and receive financial assistance from the State Department of Social Services. In some states, the custodial parent may receive assistance from an outside agency such as a welfare agency that provides financial assistance for the state’s low-income population’s various needs.

What Is Joint Custody?

To qualify for joint custody, both parties must submit financial records for the children’s needs, and present proof that they are fit to care for them. The custodial parents will be able to appeal the judge’s decision at the end of the case. They must also submit to the court all documents relating to the joint custody agreement.


There are many ways for a custodial parent to collect child support payments. Once the court has determined the amount of child support appropriate for each parent, the parent will submit the appropriate payment to the court for child support payments.

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