Fun And Cognitive Development Blended In Japanese Child Games

japanese child games

When people talk about games the first thing that comes to mind in most cases is the notion of fun at large. The basic purpose to be seen in the case of most games is to have as much fun as possible without any hindrance or hassles in the way. However, what is intriguing to note in this regard is that there are certain games that can be full of fun as well as can foster intellectual growth in children. This is to be noted here with sincerity in this case as parents often want their children to be better developed than others. It has been found out by psychologists of repute around the world that children tend to respond to games better than any other kind of venture such as academics. So it is imperative to understand how games can be responsible for the sustained growth and development of a child at large and this needs to be understood with due concern. Our focus in this article shall be thus to find out some aspects of Japanese child games.

The Notion Of Japanese Child Games

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Japan is a country in Asia. It has a rich heritage to be found at large. The culture of the nation which is incidentally very old is immensely rich and impeccable to note in this case. Quite naturally this nation focuses on the growth and development of their children a lot. After all, children are the future of a nation and the Japanese understand this well. Therefore, they have devised certain Japanese child games that can be beneficial for the overall development of a child from multiple perspectives be it cognitive growth or something else. We shall now discuss some of those games.

Folding Japanese Child Games Like Origami

Origami can be considered to be an art as well as a game. Here things like paper are folded to give them shape. They can be given the shape of a flower or something else. It all depends upon the choice of the concerned child. Free will is thus given importance in this case. The imagination of children is allowed to float free in this regard and this tends to help in their overall growth as well development. Certain cognitive features are learned by them in this manner.

Stretching Japanese Child Games

These games have been part of Japanese culture for a long time. Among the Japanese child games that are noteworthy, this is one of them. It is so important because it teaches children the art of being physically fit and being able to take things into their own hands at large.

Oni Gokko As A Japanese Child Games

The game is largely intriguing. It is more or less a funny game where the efforts are given to ward off evil. This is an essential part of the culture of the nation.


There are thus various Japanese child games to be found that are noteworthy. All of these are very significant from the context of a child. This article explored some of the perspectives regarding it.

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