Child Support And How We Care Child During This

The child support is the continuous periodic allowance that parents have to pay when they have custody of a child. They pay it to the other parent who has custody of children. They have to pay this amount because it helps in training the child and providing for his/her needs. Child support can also be a payment by one or both parents to a guardian/caregiver for their child. It is an issue that mostly comes up in situations of divorce or unmarried parents.

Child Supports
Child Supports

Parents have to pay child support for the first 18 years of the child. In some cases, the number of years might be shorter, due to the death of the child or parent. Also, other reasons could be if the child is self-sufficient, if the child marries, or if someone adopts the child. Child support covers a lot of the basic needs of a growing child. These needs include clothing, shelter, education, traveling, medical care, and lots more. Also, it improves a child’s wellbeing and confidence. Moreover, it reduces financial insecurity and poverty between children and their custodial parents.

Who Decides Of The Amount?

After careful consideration of various factors, the court of law fixes the amount for child support. Such factors include the income and earning potential of parents, and how much money is enough to support oneself. Also, other factors like the age of children, number of children and the amount of time the children spend with each parent come into consideration. So the more time the children spend with a parent, the lesser the child support payment they’ll be paying. It is because the parent will be providing for the child’s needs all the time as long as the child is with them.

Child Care During Support

Penalty For Not Paying Child Support

Skipping child supports payments is a crime. Usually, it is the responsibility of the state government to handle such cases. But in some situations, it could become a federal crime. If the erring parent has been ordered by a court of law to pay and he/she refuses or if the parent is owing to a backlog of unpaid child support that’s over 12 months or $5,000, it becomes a federal crime and offender could face years in prison with a fine as well.

There are penalties that the system metes out to a parent defaulting on child supports:

  • Suspension of drivers license, limiting mobility in some areas.
  • You are taking chunks out of your paycheck without prior notice to cover for your backlog.
  • Inability to renew or apply for an international passport.
  • Adding additional charges and fines to the missed payment, raising the figure.
  • Non-Custodial Parents in military service can be dismissed over unpaid child support.
Child Get Support From Parents

A non-custodial parent could ultimately be sent to jail over unpaid child supports; this is the most severe penalty for outstanding child supports.    Child supports has helped keep a lot of children off the streets, in good homes, with proper education and every amenity needed for them to bud into young adults. Without child supports, a lot of children will not have the opportunity to grow as they are now. A child that has been given the proper environment to grow can achieve anything he/she puts their mind to do.

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