Children Support And How To Get It In Proper Way

It is the dream of every child to live and grow up with the two parents, but circumstances beyond the control of the parent might lead them to go their separate ways, leaving the children to the court to decide which parent will have partial or full custody of them.

At the final judgment, the parent who becomes non-custodian has to pay children support to the custodial parent to cater for the welfare of the child.

Children Support

The children’s support is to ensure the non-custodian parent does not fail to perform his role and functions.  It is crucial, especially if the custodial parent may not be able to cope with the responsibilities alone.

  • Children support also covers medical and emotional obligations from the parent.
  • Deciding on the amount to pay for child support is on a case-to-case basis.
  • The financial status and capability of the parents must be in consideration.

Steps To Obtaining Children Support

Son Daughter With Father
  • A parent will go to the courthouse to place a complaint about the initiation of child support proceedings.
  • The parent must provide information on the marriage and reason for separation.
  • The second parent will receive the court summons from the process server.
  • It is to let them know they are being sued for children’s support.
  • The second parent must be present at the court hearing to find out if they are liable for child support.
  • When disputes arise on the paternity of the children, confirmation of paternity is necessary.
  • The use of DNA testing or the voluntary swearing of an affidavit by the father is enough to verify it.
  • The court will give an order on the amount, when, and whom to receive the children’s support.

Different Aspects Of Child Support

Kids With Teacher

Both parents have the prerogative to appeal when there is a need for it given a change in financial status, and the petition may be set aside at the judge’s discretion.

The time frame for paying children support ranges from ages 16-23 or when the children graduate from high school or university.

But if peradventure, the child gets married before reaching the age of majority or dies, there can be a termination of payment for children support.

Any parent found not in compliant to payment of child support, or collective expenses may have their work license revoked or suspended if the person is a professional. In extreme cases, the non-compliant parent may face prosecution and spend time in jail.

Children support issues vary from country to country. However, the middle ground is that the essential needs and desires of affected children must be provided by a parent the moment paternity is established. This must also be done if they are not married or have decided to seek for divorce.

The child support enforcement program in most countries makes it easy to ensure parents take responsibility and reduce the dependence of children on public help for the stated period.

The court serves as a mitigator between both parents whenever matters of child support become an issue that cannot be settled amicably.

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