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When the child is born, every parent wants to make it happy. And even when they grow up, children still love toys! Because playing gives us much pleasure – not only for kids but also for adults. Not to mention how much time can be purged by playing. So we’ve collected a complete list of toys that can make kids happy on their birthdays! There are board games, dolls, cars, and other toys for all tastes. Take a look.

Here’s a list of toys for you.

1. Infant/toddler toy piano:

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Babies like music. And when they are still small, it’s very good for them to learn this skill early. For example, with toys that produce piano sounds – the baby can start learning the sound of notes even before knowing letters! The toy piano is one kind of educational tool for babies who are still in the baby stage (and also kids, of course).

2. Baby walker:


Babies who are not yet able to walk often use a baby walker for moving around. This is a kind of toy because babies play with it and learn how to move on their own – which is a very important skill later in life! And parents might need a rest, meanwhile!

Kids walker is a good toy for a child of a year old and above. If your baby starts to get mobile early – of course, you’re welcome to use it when he grows up!

3. Baby carrier:

A baby carrier is important when babies start learning to walk on their own or when they want to explore the world on their own (that’s also when mamas and papas need a break!) This is one of the best educational toys for toddlers.

4. Stuffed animals:

Stuffed animals are very popular among all ages, especially for girls! They can be cuddly playmates or homework helpers or just cute decorations around the house! They are very flexible, so they are suitable for all kinds of tastes.

5. Blocks:

Blocks can be used by children of all ages – babies will play with them on the floor, while older kids may use blocks to build houses or towers! And if your child is interested in architecture later in life, you can be sure that this toy won’t help him in the future!

6. Toy cars:

Toy cars are most suitable for boys, but they can also be used by girls (especially if they like to play with them along with their siblings). Kids love playing with toy cars – it’s a good way of using imagination and showing their creativity! And of course, it’s a great educational toy for kids.

7. Dolls:

Babies can enjoy just looking at dolls, older girls will play with them every day (and even the boys who like playing house). So doll is one of the best toys for babies and little girls.

8. Puzzles:

Puzzles can be of different difficulty levels, so they are suitable for kids from a few years old up to senior age! They promote concentration and logical thinking. And of course, it’s a very good educational toy for everyone.

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