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Child Family Health International (C.F.H.I.) is an international organization putting medical science students to work globally, putting them in contact with people who share a common concern of improving the world’s health for all. CFHI was formed in 1987 with the mission of creating a network of child care professionals dedicated to pediatricians and other medical health specialists. A strong connection to its parent association, C.F.H.I., is what sets it apart from other international health institutes.

Better Way To Make A Difference

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There is currently no better way to make a difference in the lives of children and parents all over the world than through the placement of child family health international (C.F.H.I.) volunteers. The most outstanding thing about this organization is the amount of time and energy these young professionals spend each year helping to educate those from different cultures and nationalities on the best global health education practices. They conduct research in the areas most relevant to their field, and they bring this information back to their home countries to help other families. CFHI is the driving force behind global health and the promotion of best practices.

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CFHI’s goal is to change the lives of children and their families through the promotion of best global health education practices. Through its many placement programs and volunteer opportunities, CFHI not only exposes students to other cultures and nationalities, but it also teaches those placed in these positions to embrace globalization and take responsibility for their own well being. There are many reasons why placing volunteers overseas for a year or two to help promote CFHI-sponsored research and development is a great opportunity to broaden one’s perspective on global issues. It puts you in touch with experts who are constantly researching cutting-edge treatment methods and finding ways to decrease health care costs. You will also get a firsthand look at the lives of children living in poverty and how you can make a positive impact by starting a child family health program there.

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If you are interested in working with children in developing countries, you will find that participating in a year or two abroad in which you help develop and implement a child family health international volunteer program is a great way to expand your knowledge about global health issues. For instance, you can spend a year or two volunteering to work with a local team of CFRI and local medical doctors in the Guianang region of Brazil. You will get first-hand training in nutrition and follow up care for pregnant women. You will also have the opportunity to assist with vaccinations of mothers and babies, teach the basics of immunology, work with community health workers, and get to know the culture of the local people.

Last Words

Other nonprofits with similar programs include AIDS orphanage, Feed The Children, Catholic Family Fund, and Smile, Believe, and Grow. There are many other organizations that you can find by doing a simple search online. No matter what area of health you are interested in, there are numerous organizations that have various ways to help people in need. All you need to do is reach out and ask for help.

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