Things To Remember In An Child Support Idaho

child support idaho

Idaho petition for child custody is the form that one needs for Idaho residences who are looking for custody for their child through the court. One can file this petition for obtaining a court order for the custody of the child in the state of Idaho. 

How Is It Performed In Court?

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To perform the Idaho child support, first, you need to search for the petition form online or offline with the help of your state court. For seeking an order for child custody, both the parties must agree and sign this form. Now, after this, you have to go for a different form. Here, you have to fill in the names and contact details of the child’s parents on the top of this form. Next, fill out the case caption information at the top of the form putting in the court name, name of the parties, case number, and the fee information. In part one, list the names of the children for whom custody is to be ordered along with their date of birth and residence for the past five years.

In part two, you must acknowledge that the state of Idaho can legally establish paternity for the children. So, don’t forget to mention the biological father’s name of the children.

Different Acknowledgements From Both Parties

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Provide the current residence of both mother and father. For part 5, state whether you or another parent has acted as a party or witness in another case involving the children. If yes, you must mention the nature of the case and provide the information regarding this. Now, state, whether you are looking for joint legal custody, and both the parents are fit for the caretaking of children. In case of sole custody, you have to explain in writing. In part 7, you have to mention if you are looking for joint or sole physical custody and explain why you believe that the court should allow it. For this, you may attach a parenting plan outlining the agreed-upon custody plan in detail. 

Expenses And Amounts

The final section deals with the details related to expenses and amount. You must mention the amount that should be awarded. You must provide a breakdown of what child support should be provided. Continue the form stating the support that is needed for medical expenses, work-related, childcare costs, and income tax credit allowances. Finally, each parent must sign and date the bottom of the petition with the notary present for each parent’s signature.


Idaho child support is a tricky legal work to perform. However, try to handle the situation yourself so that you won’t need child custody. Anyways, if nothing works and seeking an Idaho child support petition from the court is the only option, you can perform the procedure easily by following these steps.

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