Tips To Prepare For A No Lawyers Child Support Hearing

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Several times, we’ve seen people represent themselves during hearings. It is especially common during child support hearing for a single parent to self-represent. However, you don’t go ahead to represent yourself without being ready and adequately prepared. A judge who barely knows you will determine how much child support you’ll owe or receive. This is why we discuss tips to prepare for a child support hearing with no lawyers representing you.

Frequent Your Mails And Read To Understand

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It is understandable to be overwhelmed by having a hearing to prepare for, not to talk of a child support hearing. But it’ll be a bad idea to ignore your mail. Different pieces of mail will come in from your ex’s lawyer, or even the court. It is not enough to just check the mails, you have to read to understand. To do this, read each mail once, then read again after some minutes have passed. This will help you avoid the mistake of misunderstanding every little detail included in the mail. You may also be required to take a specific action in a timely manner. These are the reasons why you should check all mails coming through to you. It is also as important to reply to mails calling for actions or follow-through.

Avoid Being Dishonest

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A single misinformation may jeopardize your child support hearing; make you pay more, or receive less. When supplying requested information to the court, be completely truthful. When filling out forms, ensure zero manipulation of information you supply. You’ll be required to report your income or your financial needs. In an attempt to have the court ruling favor you, you may be tempted to falsify or manipulate information. If you attempt to, the presiding judge will probably see through your antics, and this will reflect badly on you in court.

Arrive Early On The Scheduled Day

It is of utmost importance to arrive punctual to your child support hearing. Arriving late, or failing to show up at all will portray you badly to the judge, decreasing your chance of the ruling favoring you. Arriving early will diminish the chance of unexpected circumstances making you arrive late. However, arriving early doesn’t mean your hearing will hold on time. Other cases may take longer than scheduled. Just use the extra time to settle down, calm your nerves, and prepare for the hearing.

Don’t Let Your Focus Waver

The judge presiding over your child support hearing is only authorised to determine how much child support you’ll owe or receive. The judge isn’t authorised to alter your child custody order or visitation arrangements. It will do you no good to distract the court discussing child custody or visitation. So, be focused and only discuss the topic you’re there for, which is child support.


Deciding to represent yourself at your child support hearing is easy. However, how do you prepare for your hearing optimally? We discuss some tips to prepare for a no lawyers child support hearing.

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