What Are The Types Of Healthy Parenting Tips

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There are four main types of parenting styles. These are: authoritarian, permissive, disinterested and independent. An authoritarian style is one where the child is responsible for their own behavior. The children are made to feel that they do not have any power or control over their environment and those who occupy the dominant role in their household are made to feel “important” by the child. Children who have been subjected to an authoritarian parenting style have a very difficult time making themselves understand why they are being disciplined.

Importance Of Parenting Styles

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A permissive parenting style places a high importance on the self-expression of the child. It allows the parent to set limits and to determine what is considered acceptable behavior. The parents can set a good example by setting a good example of how to behave. This type of parenting style can create a “missive” teenager who may act out because they feel like the rules don’t apply to them.

Disinterested parenting styles place the child in the position of having to explain why he or she did something undesirable. This can lead to more confusion and even resentment. In a disinterested parenting style, there is a clear difference between actions and reasons. The child knows what actions will get them what results, but the parent doesn’t.

Different Types Of Parenting Styles

Independent parenting styles tend to be the most successful in preventing behavior problems from occurring in children. Parents are taught to be in charge and are never threatened by their child. Children tend to do better in this type of arrangement because they are not subject to a moody or vindictive parent. Children also tend to see that their needs are met in this arrangement.

authoritarian parenting style is often described as controlling or harsh. The parent in this type of parenting is very strict and does not accept any excuse for not doing what is expected of them. In an authoritarian parenting style, children are made to feel they have nothing of value that they can count on. If they do try to act outside of what the parent demands, they are punished harshly. Children who practice this parenting style often suffer from low self-esteem and low self-confidence.

Consistently parenting involves giving your child the time and freedom to explore his or her own interests. You let them follow their own ideas, goals, and plans if these statements sound familiar. The idea behind consistent consistency is that children learn from their parents and adults in similar ways. If you would like to know more about establishing a consistent parenting pattern, it would be helpful to research these styles further.

Benefits Of Parenting Styles

The last of the four types of parenting styles, we will discuss involves a hands-off, fairly mild discipline approach. Consistency in this area tends to be less severe and can include only telling your child that you expect them to do their homework, talk to their teacher, and so forth. Of all the parenting styles, this is one that I have personally experienced firsthand, and it can be particularly helpful to your child. Children with consistent parenting styles tend to do better in school, tend to get along better with their peers, and have higher self-esteem levels.


These are the four types of parenting styles that I believe are most beneficial to your child. If you would like further information regarding implementing a certain parenting style, you may want to speak with your child’s teacher, your parents, or others that you trust regarding the benefits that your chosen parenting style can bring your child. Take the time to think about which type of approach will work best for your child. This will ensure that your child develops the skills and traits he or she needs to become a well-rounded adult.

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